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Life at Fertitta Entertainment

With an exciting story that moves from 1980 as a Gulf seafood restaurant in Katy, Texas, all the way to a thriving company with globally recognized restaurant, hospitality and entertainment brands, Fertitta Entertainment has dazzled the business world.

Our group’s unstoppable momentum has helped us rise through the ranks of our competitors as Fertitta Entertainment’s brands sprang to life all over the map. With its multiple-concept approach, Fertitta Entertainment appeals to customers of all ages, backgrounds, income brackets and interests.

We believe in a hands-on approach focused on service, quality and profitability. Fertitta Entertainment’s staff is a winning team committed to high standards, which they achieve through good organization and communication. Guest service is ingrained in our culture – “If you are not serving a customer, you should be serving someone who is.” The primary goal of our Corporate employees is to support our valuable team members, allowing them to focus on serving our guests.

Fertitta Entertainment seeks to set industry standards, not follow them. This has been a constant throughout the years, and our vision is as clear and bold as ever. We are committed to our employees, the environment and believe in the importance of giving back to the community by devoting a substantial amount of time to civic service and charitable organizations.

We Believe In Our People

The Fertitta Entertainment culture motivates employees to achieve their full potential. They're challenged to improve through leadership, focus, intensity and persistence — and to create a work environment of pride, honesty, integrity and loyalty. Innovative training programs designed to strengthen the Company's management foundation also encourage employees toward career growth.

With a strong foundation of unforgettable experiences in dining and gaming at the best entertainment destinations around, the potential for Fertitta Entertainment growth continues to remain off the charts. We believe the success of our group’s business in different arenas demonstrates that our group is the authority for the dining, entertainment, gaming and hospitality industries.

With devoted leadership, a creative team and endless possibilities, the company has a clear direction for the future. Every day, new guests experience a Fertitta Entertainment concept for the first time. With new locations and concepts opening every year, the Fertitta Entertainment story is a story of growth and a bright future. We believe in a hands-on approach focused on service, quality and profitability. Fertitta Entertainment's staff is a winning team committed to high standards, which they achieve through good organization and communication. Everyone here embraces a clearly understood goal: to exceed expectations.

Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

Do You:
Gamble to escape worry?
Gamble to get money to solve financial difficulties.
Feel unable to stop playing regardless of winning or losing?
Often gamble until your last dollar is gone?
Sometimes neglect your family because of gambling?

If you think you, or someone you know, may have a gaming problem, the 24-hour Problem Gambling Helpline can help. All calls are confidential.

National Council on Problem Gaming

Self-Exclusion Program and Additional Help
If you or someone you know decides they have a problem or have become a compulsive gambler, the self-exclusion program allows problem gamblers to exclude themselves from casino gaming activities. For more information regarding self-exclusion programs or additional help in your area, please visit one the locations below.

Golden Nugget Last Vegas
Golden Nugget Atlantic City
Golden Nugget Lake Charles
Golden Nugget Biloxi
Golden Nugget Laughlin

We Believe In Protecting The Environment

Fertitta Entertainment is committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices across many of our restaurant, hospitality and entertainment platforms around the world.

In all our operations we focus on recycling to reduce waste, water and energy conservation and remain alert on climate risks. We use chemicals that are environmentally safe (i.e., Chlorine Dioxide). The use of Chlorine Dioxide helps us to eliminate the wide-spread use of bleach and other chemical disinfectants and deodorizers that are harmful to the environment. Over the last several years all of our properties have reduced the use of over a third of these environmentally hazardous chemicals.

The use of suppliers who conform to the highest standards in Animal Welfare Practices are of the utmost importance in our restaurants’ operations. We make it a priority to work with suppliers who uphold the industry’s highest standards.

Our restaurant division’s environmental responsibility practices are steadfast. Across both the wild and aqua-cultured supply chains we rely on our supply chain partners to engage sustainable practices in their areas of expertise. Many of our wild and aquaculture supply chains have already obtained certification by verified third party organizations recognized globally. In other areas where our supply chain partners are not certified, our vendors have created; FIP's (Fishery Improvement Projects), AIP's (Aquaculture Improvement Projects), Restoration Projects, and in some cases simply declaring "Best Practices”. We support all sustainability efforts, rather than declare one certification or guidance which can limit our supply chain. We simply request that our supply chain partners work towards sustainability with a globally recognized and verified third party organization.

We strive to provide sustainable seafood from commercial farm facilities that work to protect our precious natural resources. We look to suppliers who adhere to the best practices in animal care covering all areas of live production and processing. Their policies and procedures are based on The Five Freedoms, an internationally recognized standard for animal husbandry, and reviewed annually by fully accredited and licensed staff Veterinarians. Additionally, all our chicken suppliers meet or exceed National Chicken Council (NCC) Animal Welfare Guidelines. These science-based standards compiled by the industry’s leading scientists and veterinarians evaluate animal welfare and proper treatment during every phase of the chicken’s life. These suppliers also follow the NCC’s guidelines for stocking density which allows all birds’ access to feeders and drinkers and is determined by target market weight at the end of the flock. Their processing facilities operate under USDA inspection utilizing HACCP, GMP and SSOP programs and embrace the NCC guidelines for animal welfare.

We also partner with many environmentally friendly farmers who use zero chemicals and grow all-natural produce, Farm-to-table honey that harvests their honey from bee to bottle and Ranches who provides organic heritage pigs that are fed a healthy and hormone-free diet of whole grains, vegetables, maple syrup and even red wine - just to name a few.

Our hospitality divisions participate in go-green initiatives including our “Conserve to Preserve” program focusing on saving thousands of gallons of water and energy annually by changing out the hotel bedding every few days or after checkout instead of daily. The program also encourages guests to reuse their towels by hanging them up, only towels left on the ground are replenished. We also encourage recycling of paper and cardboard, saving paper anywhere we can by printing less phone books throughout the hotels. Also, as part of our continuing efforts to preserve our natural resources, phone books are available upon request. Additionally, at all our properties, we process and recycle tremendous amounts of cardboard packaging daily.

In addition to being an industry leader in the operation of restaurant, hospitality and gaming businesses, the company is also one of the largest developers of restaurant, hospitality and gaming properties. From the infancy of our company, we have always strived to be good stewards of the environment. Our first restaurants were rehabilitations of old buildings that resulted in salvage of many of the building basics components along with installation of the modern technology in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems resulting in a much more energy efficient building. Several of our restaurant concepts use recycled building materials reclaimed from demolition projects to provide unique interiors. Legacy operating facilities are updated with energy efficient LED lighting, energy efficient cooking equipment and modern, low water consumption plumbing fixtures. New projects incorporate environmentally friendly technology in storm water detention, building techniques, and MEP systems. The kitchen facilities in our projects use the latest technology in sewer system maintenance as well as cooking oil recycling equipment. Our properties provide a large percentage of greenspace where possible to mitigate water run-off. In arid environments, the company employs xeriscaping techniques to minimize irrigation needs. Our hotel properties incorporate energy management systems and lighting controls for energy efficiency in the guest rooms, meeting space and public spaces.

Through the development and operation of our Aquarium and Rainforest Café facilities, the company stewards animal welfare practices across the industry and we strive to only work with those suppliers who understand the importance of proper handling of these animals. All of our live animal exhibits are supported by equipment that is energy efficient (Variable Flow Pumps, and LED lights). Our Life Support systems are designed to prioritize water use management through water reclamation and retention. Even our live animal acquisition suppliers are through vendors collection techniques that are internationally reviewed and approved by The American Humane Organization. When available, we acquire exhibit animals that are captive bred to limit our impact on the wild populations.

Additional and ongoing efforts toward Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Development and Operation include:

Outside of the restaurant, hotel, gaming and development divisions, we support numerous conservation projects with monetary donations as well as assisting in research, writing curriculum and developing educational programs that fund wildlife alliances, ocean and saltwater restoration projects.

We Believe In Our Communities
Fertitta Entertainment believes in the importance of giving back to the community and devotes a substantial amount of time to civic service and charitable organizations. Fertitta himself serves as Chairman of the Board – Houston Police Foundation, Chairman of the Board - Houston Children’s Charity and is currently serving his sixth year as Chairman of the Board of Regents - University of Houston. He is on the Executive Committee of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, which is one of the nation's largest charitable organizations.

Fertitta Entertainment is proud of the spirit of community and volunteerism of our staff and encourages employees to continue to engage in charitable and civic projects in the communities in which we live and operate via the Landry’s League. Through Landry’s League, we have established policies and procedures to facilitate volunteer events affiliated with the Company Volunteer opportunities that are presented and open to all employees to participate.

Additionally, we donate to 501c (3) charities that benefit the local communities of our restaurants, hotel & entertainment locations. Donations are made in the form of a Complimentary Dinner and Drink card for $25.


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